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Sparkle T. Ellison

Associate Attorney

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Practice Focus

Patent and trademark prosecution

Practice Description

Dr. Ellison focuses her practice on intellectual property in the chemical and life sciences related fields. Her work includes patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, infringement and patentability opinion work, due diligence and freedom to operate.

While in law school, Dr. Ellison took courses in IP-related subjects, including Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Antitrust laws, International Commercialization and Investments, and Securities law. She interned at the University of Kansas Center for Technology and Commercialization. Additionally, she assisted Professor Andrew Torrance in compiling data regarding various outcomes during the appeals process at the US Patent and Trademark Office, gathered information concerning various biotech topics, including the copyrightability of DNA and patentability of biosynthetic technology. Dr. Ellison has also worked for the firm on a consultant basis under attorney supervision.


  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Alabama-Birmingham (2004)
  • Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of South Carolina (2009)
  • J.D., University of Kansas (2012)

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